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Bookings The Prophets
Booking us or either of us for your Next Event

 The best way to book Apostle Ken Cox,  Prophetess Sabina Cox or either one is simple.

Call 919-695-3375 or 919-213-1328.

Apostle Cox nor Prophetess Cox do not pastor a church. They lead Where Eagles Fly

International Fellowship.

This is a fellowship of Apostles, Prophets,

Seers, and Watchmen around the world.

 Apostle Cox is full time ministry and Prophetess Cox

is semi full time. Your inquires are welcome for information

on our simple booking process.

We take our obligations seriously so we ask

that as you inquire of our coming to minister, teach or both that you are

serious and willing to work

with us to do what we need

to do to make it happen.

Once we reach a specific

understanding on arrangements,

we encourage you to advertise your

event, and Where Eagles Fly will

advertise the event also.  

Communication and establishing Relationships where

they are needed are critical in this generation of booking

Men and Women of God to minister at any location. 

We, look forward to speaking with you

when you call.

Lets discuss your ideas .....blessings